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Blue Sensation - Our NIVEA Haus Signature Massage (Partial body Massage) An absolute must-do for every NIVEA fan! Indulge in this all-time classic and enjoy a pampering massage combined with wonderful skin care products. All you need to do is to relax from head to toe. And to make sure that you will get even more out of this unique wellness moment we will give you a NIVEA scented candle to take home – for that extra-long NIVEA feeling!
80 Min
€ 92,00
Individual feel-good massage treatment . Enjoy our traditional relaxing massage and escape from the stress of everyday life.
starting from € 52,00
Enjoy deep relaxation thanks to the intense effect of warm stones combined with relaxing massage techniques. Muscle tensions are gently released. Feel how the tension falls away from you and your well-being grows.
starting from € 69,00
Full body massage with light and aromatherapy With the help of exclusive massage candles we will send you on your very own special dream journey. Close your eyes, choose a relaxing, revitalising or calming scent and then enjoy a full-body massage with warm aromatic oils that will nourish your skin. That’s how dreams come true!
60 Min
€ 85,00
Massage fpr pregnant women from the 14th week (Soft full body Massage) Massage for pregnant women from the 14th week Sweet anticipation: Are you pregnant? And do you long for a relaxing massage? Our massage takes your special requirements into account and will provide relaxation from head to toe. Please talk to your gynaecologist before making an appointment about whether it is okay for you to get a massage during pregnancy. This treatment is performed solely by our female staff members.
50 Min
€ 68,00
Partial body massage with exotic peeling A wonderfully exotic refreshment for the skin and senses: While surrounded by the scent of citrus aromas, enjoy a gentle peeling which will thoroughly cleanse your back and leaves your skin feeling silky and smooth. Afterwards, relax during a pampering back massage with the invigorating scent of the grapefruit. After that you will feel refreshed through and through, with all your senses.
50 Min
€ 66,00